French Village of Malaysia

French Village in Malaysia? Yes it exist. It’s near Bentong, Pahang, off the Karak Highway, there is a highland called Bukit Tinggi. It is located just about 40 minutes from Kuala Lumpur by car and you can also take a bus from Berjaya Times Square. Make sure to check the schedule for your convenience and be early. The entrance fee is 12 rm for adults and 8 rm for kids. You’ll have an access to all attractions.

There are a lot of things you can do in the said place. If you’d like to check it in Google, there are a lot of keywords that you can use like Bukit Tinggi, French Village or Colmare Tropical , that’s the name of the resort. If you only want to see the place, a day trip would be enough, just like what we did.

Japanese Village

My friend and I started to go around 10am. It was Saturday and the weather is really nice. We both decided to start exploring the Japanese Village first because at that time a lot of people roaming around in the French Village. There is a free shuttle going to other places like the Japanese Village, Rabbit Farm, Adventure Park, Botanical Garden, Horse Trails, Berjaya Hills Golf, Country Club and many more. It took us 10 minutes to wait on the queue going to the Japanese Village. Make sure to wear a comfortable outfit because you need to walk all day to explore the entire place.

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Near the entrance you’ll see a Japanese Souvenir Shop. The items are quite expensive for me but it’s all cute. At that time, since the weather is really hot we decided to buy an ice cream. The price is double than the price outside. If you’re fond of Japanese culture, you’ll really appreciate the place.

Japanese Village
inside the Japanese Village

Fashionistas will be happy  wearing a Kimono while in the village. Cool isn’t it? You can rent and fix your self inside the Japanese house. That really looks super nice if you love taking photos. Your ootd will be very awesome. If you get hungry, don’t worry Ryo Zan Tei a Japanese restaurant is just around the village.

The Japanese Garden

So you need a lot of patience with you. You need to wait in a long line while waiting for the others to finish. Don’t forget to have fun, that’s the most important thing.

Japanese fish pond.

Everyone seems to be enjoying the place. I remember the couple who ask us to take their photos. They look so happy together and smile back to us after. Sweet!

A must try Tatami Spa to relax.

Tea house and Tatami spa is a must try. You’ll really enjoy the place but be aware that on the weekend, there’s a ton of tourist.As much as I want to take more photos, it’s very hard  because there will be times that you need to walk in a one way path. They designed the entire place like a real Japanese garden. The dead end, the road is close after the Ume Tatami Suite. I got curious of what’s inside but we didn’t enter. This is the end of our Japanese Garden tour. Next stop is the French Village, after all this is why I am here. To see the European side of Malaysia.


Parking area is near the French village, there are 4 floors where you can park your car. The view that you are seeing is where the shuttle will drop you. Make sure to check the sign board because the shuttle looks like a private one.

in front of the French Village

Look at that scenery, it’s very elegant and attractive. The structure is really amazing. I haven’t been in Europe but it feels like I’ve been there. I remember some movies that I watched before. It looks very real and I really love it. Although the clouds are a bit dark.


Before I went to the place, I’ve seen this creative horse figure and I told myself that I wouldn’t miss the chance to take a photo of it.

Excuse my photo-bombers.

I enjoyed checking out the place. It’s hard to find a nice spot inside because photo-bombers are around.


That’s how it looks inside, there are different restaurants inside where you can eat. I think they will renovate the place soon because there are some rides for kids that is not open yet.

The front view near the entrance.

This is just the entrance, I’m sure you’ll love it more when I show you the inside view.










It would be nicer if people are allowed to go inside but that’s not the case. Taking photos of this pretty colorful structure is the only thing you can do. Below this tall replica are the restaurants.


At the end of the french village, there is a 5 floor tower where you can see the view. The lift isn’t working at that time so no choice but to take the stairs. I feel like I am in a real castle.


I’ve taken different side view of the tower. The front view where you can see the detailed design of the area. You’ll see how crowded the place is. Even inside the tower, I need to wait for the others before my turn to capture this beautiful view.


Still the front view but this time I’m at the top part of the tower.


At the right side, still at the 5th floor of the tower. This is what you will see, there is a swimming pool behind.


The back part view, you’ll see the whole area and I’ve seen where the Golf Course is. I can’t imagine how people live in that tiny houses built far away. I stayed where I am at for 5 minutes and I remember the rice terraces in Baguio of what I am seeing.

21476353_10155563871132508_1954111159_nYou can’t see much from the left side view of the tower but I remember when I watched a couple trying out their drone. The girl was holding it and the guy starting to control it. I waited for them to set it up but after a few minutes it fell on the ground. When we are on our way down, the couple seems to be really upset because the drone was broken.


We supposed to go to the Rabbit farm after but we need to wait for the shuttle to come around 3:20pm. I decided not to go there because it’ll be a heavy rain and I am so hungry.


That’s the end of my French Village journey. Next stop is Sunway Pyramid Mall.




We are really lucky because the rain didn’t stop while we are on our way back to Kuala Lumpur. We’re heading to Sunway Pyramid Mall to attend a convention center. Since I am not into reading books I didn’t buy anything. They are also offering cheap stuff as a promo. Few more hours to wait so I can eat a real food. We both decided to eat in a Korean Restaurant near the area. Oh I miss the Samgyupsal!




Welcome to Bamboo House, it’s an Eat-All-You Can Korean restaurant in Mentari near the Sunway Pyramid Mall.


Samgyupsal (fresh pork belly) is Korean dish that usually served with a side of lettuce which used to wrap the meat, radish, kimchi, sesame oil sauce, ssamjang, sweetened black turtle beans and etc. I’ve tried it once in Manila before and it became my all time Korean dish. While waiting for the grilled pork to become tender, I tried the kimchi first. At first, I am hesitant to try it because it looks very spicy but after a few bite it became irresistible. No left over allowed when you eat here. Make sure to just get what you can finish.


Don’t forget to partner it with Kook Soon Dang, I recommend this Korean rice wheat wine drink. It only has 6% of alcohol drink and make sure to shake it well before you open. At first it does not taste good but after a few sip, I assure you’ll like it. It was a night full of memory and that’s the end of my French Village journey. See you on my next trip. Bonne Nuit!


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