Sawasdee Khat Thailand ,.

A new place to explore, welcome to Thailand. It’s a Southeast Asian country. It took an hour flight from Malaysia to Thailand. There are several transportation that you may use. You can travel by car, plane, ferry and via International Express train between Bangkok and Butterworth (northern part of Malaysia). Malaysia time is an hour ahead of Thailand.

I’ve seen pictures of Thailand and it’s really amazing. I have no clue on what to expect but I am so excited to try their food. I can’t wait to try their authentic cuisine. I’ve tried Tomyam soup in Malaysia and I really like it though I’m not into spicy food. I have some Thai friend and they’re really sweet. I am expecting a lot from this place.


What I love the most from this trip is the food. When I travel, I don’t have a lavish budget when it comes to food. My friend and I first explore Phuket Thailand. We stayed at Red Planet near the Patong Beach. If you are in this place, you can’t resist to try their fresh seafood. There are a lot of Seafood Market and Restaurants nearby. There are so many varieties to choose from and they serve different Thai cuisine. Whenever we passed by the area, sellers keep asking us what we want. For me it’s annoying because even if we refuse they keep asking us. But that’s what their marketing strategy works. I can’t remember how many times they offer their menus to us.

Phuket Thailand

When we finally decided to eat, we tried this small night market near our hotel. You may choose to sit inside or outside the restaurant. I remember seeing a little girl selling a floral garland to some of the customers. That way foreigners would feel the warmed welcome from locals. From what I searched, they call it Phuang malai (พวงมาลัย). They are giving it as offerings or kept for good luck.

The place was crowded but I can guarantee you that you’ll enjoy the food. You’ll see how fresh the seafood is and it will be cook right in front of you. You can choose the amount of the food you like to order and the dish that you want to try. You may request different viand for one kilo of squid. You can ask to cook half of it with oyster sauce and the half is grilled. It’ll takes time when you order because they will cook it real time so you need to be really patient. Don’t go to this place if you are really hungry. Allot a few minutes for them to prepare your food. Here’s what we tried in Patong Phuket.



Squid cooked in oyster sauce with vegetables. The squid is half-cooked and you’ll really like the taste. I remember Chopsuey (Filipino Cuisine) in this dish.


Grilled Oyster. There’s a funny story behind this oyster. My friend and I decided to order half of any dish so we can try it all. When we order the oyster the guy ask if we want to have 1 or 6 order. It shows a small plate on the menu so we requested 1 order. To our surprise, he gave us 1 big piece of oyster. When we realize the only option would be 1 plate of 1 big oyster or 6 small pieces. So be careful when you order because most of the time there will be a language barrier. Good thing, this big oyster didn’t disappointed us. It’s really tasty and fresh.


Sticky Mango Rice for dessert. I didn’t expect that the serving is really big. We got 2 orders and I wasn’t able to finish it. The sticky rice really taste coconut milk. The mango is really sweet. The one I tried in Malaysia is in a small plate but instead of coconut milk they use condensed milk. I love the condensed rather than the coconut milk.


We thought breakfast was included on our stay. So on our 2nd day we went down and ask the receptionist where to claim it. They lead us to the restaurant beside the hotel. Charlie Bistro & Bar affiliates the Red Planet hotel. We found out that we do not have any free breakfast but they give us discount.


I made sure to try their authentic Tom Yam seafood soup in Thailand. You may choose chicken, beef or seafood soup. Compare to other soup that I tried, this is the best. I like the herbs that they use to cook this dish. The mixed seafood was cook nicely.


How will I not try their famous Pad Thai? I’m not really eating bean sprout but this is a must try when you go to Thailand. The sweetness and saltiness of the sauce complement the taste. The dried wide rice noodles is a perfect combination with stir fried tofu. Now, I know the reason why it became famous. I wish I can easily find it wherever I go.

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Khaosan Bangkok

We stayed at the Green House Hostel when we went to Bangkok. The Hostel have their own restaurant and bar. The price is around 150-450 baht but if you are staying there, you’ll get 10% discount. You must first register and claim your meal stub from reception area. They will require you to surrender the room key to get the stub,  so make sure to claim it when you decided to eat there.

My friend tried the Pineapple Fried Rice with cashew and shrimp. Look at the presentation, the idea of putting it in a pineapple is so brilliant .


Chicken Salad with garlic bread is what I ordered.






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